Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where do you live?

I used to think I lived in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Now, I'm not so sure. The City of Washington, D.C. has taken action against ANSWER - fining them $10k for using an inappropriate adhesive on anti-war protest posters announcing the event planned for September 15, 2007. Selective enforcement?

And then there's the bit about search and seizure. Congress authorized the President to wiretap every man, woman, and child talking on the phone so long as the Attorney General "reasonably believes" that one end of the conversation is abroad. What happened to the FISA courts? What happened to the idea of having judicial oversight? Now, all of wiretapping is in the hands of the President. What if he doesn't like my political views? What if he doesn't like some reporter? What if someone can expose him for doing something he shouldn't have? Will he have blackmail material on hand? This lack of oversight cannot be a good thing.

Oh, and representation of the will of the people. Now they're going to build a MegaMall a mile from my house at an intersection ill-suited for the traffic and far from any suitable highways. The Town Council approved the zoning change in the face of scores of protesters, and after hundreds turned out for a Planning and Zoning meeting to protest. How many people need to protest something to get it to not happen?

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Anonymous said...

I need to do something other than sign on to petitions, until I figure out just what that is (lots of prayer added to my own please)
I am still doing it.

Yesterday I added my name to End the Occupation of Iraq Pledge via if you care to read my comments I was #7108, the goal is 30,000. So, if you care to sign, the more the more.

I've signed and mailed the Do Your Own Impeachment forms from or com.

I have recently printed out the list of members in the whole House Judiciary + relevant subcommittees.
Thinking to call each one on rotation. Plus send more DYI to them.

Relevant to all levels of government,I ' d like to quote from Mark Crispin Miller's, "Cruel and Unusual" ...: page 6-7

"Civic education serves little purpose in a nation of consumers, as Americans in general are several worlds away from that republican democracy whose citizens--i.e., those enfranchised--took part daily in "the great work of society". Such civic work is almost inconceivable today, for U.S. politics is nothing but a spectacle with which we have no more connection than we do with any other fiction or nonfiction on TV."


I see myself in named category above. I seek to change my level of involvement rooted in my faith and belief in the Holy Trinity.
Father-God, Son-Jesus, Holy Spirit--powerful in His Name.
...By what we have done and what we have left undone...

Local developement is going the way of the grand "spread democracy" theme-- destruction.
On similar false assumptions.

Democracy does not share it's definition with capitalism.

One must wonder about the possibility of E.L.F. , reality based GOlden Calf syndrome, false prophets...on and on.

Seek first the Kingdom of God.

I sure have been on a late night jabber.

Grace and Peace