Friday, August 17, 2007

Do you feel secure?

DHS is making strides in measuring risk and spending money where it will do the most good. But what happens when the next terrorist attack comes? Will we wildly spend money on whatever sort of thing gets attacked, without regard to effectiveness? How much money are we spending on ineffective measures - like shoe inspections at airports, the prohibition on water over 3 oz., and the 13 oz. rule for stamped parcels in the mail. Richard Reid and Ted Kaczynski are in jail, and I think most of us would agree that they are fringe lunatics, anyway. Yes, there are oddballs, but the worse crime is that we give up liberties for a false sense of security. Note that anyone can wreak havoc in an airport security line. Fortunately TSA has the SPOT program which is on the lookout for nervous folk. But most of the rest of it is knee-jerk security. Not very helpful for security but very harmful for time and freedom.


Anonymous said...

interested in space? check out the if you haven't already.

It's opening page has the Abraham Lincoln quote.

grace and peace in Jesus Christ

racesarabhorses said...

What?!?!? You expect the government to keep you safe?!??

Seriously, the Feds have done an admirable job of keeping us "safe" from attacks since 9/11/01; however I think it would be silly to expect that we will not be attacked again.

How do you protect against an enemy with no homeland, no borders, and no physical center of gravity to destroy?

With this in mind, we need to step back, stop spending money in "panic mode," and find better ways to spend our money to try to stave off the next attack (or at least reduce its effectiveness.)