Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free speech or espousing religion? tells us that one creationist film was shown last night at the United States Space and Rocket Center, a facility operated by the State of Alabama. Yes, there are "two sides" to the issue, but so are there "two sides" to other issues, like whether or not I went to work yesterday. A preponderance of evidence suggests one answer is correct, and investigation without bias will reveal the most plausible answer. So if you show a movie that says I did not go to work yesterday, and you fervently believe I did go to work because a book with lots of good hints for life suggests that I did, should you also be allowed to show that movie in a government-funded theater? I suppose that depends in part if you pay enough money to offset the entire cost of showing the film.

If you have doubts about evolution, don't take the banana example (which is horribly flawed because all Cavendish bananas are genetically identical and they were selectively bred to fit our hands and be the right size for eating and sweet) or any other counter-example given by other evolution doubters, but check with people who have been researching these things with an open mind. I doubt God created a geologic and fossil record with intent to deceive us.

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