Friday, February 15, 2008

FISA and Protecting America from enemies within

President Bush said today, "At this moment, somewhere in the world, terrorists are planning new attacks on our country. Their goal is to bring destruction to our shores that will make September 11 pale by comparison."

First, why should we believe this President? He has lied to us on a number of counts, especially drumming up fear when there was nothing to fear.

Second, should we sacrifice our privacy to gain security? I think not.

Third, the FISA courts have been established to allow for surveillance. If, as the President claims, it is necessary to watch every bit of information as it travels the globe, then let the President subject the program to judicial monitoring. If a judge hasn't approved of it, it is illegal.

Fourth, if we would quit making a mess of our international affairs, terrorists would not be so eager to destroy our country. Remind me again why we invaded Iraq?

The Senate offered immunity to the telecom companies. The House has stood firm that we might retain our rights. Tell the House of Representatives: "Keep standing up to the fear-mongering!"

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norman said...

How does a nation develop probable cause? Intelligence.

Consider FISA as regulation of commerce and telecommunications cooperation with it as a term of service.