Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today's call for impeachment

To preserve any meaningful authority on Capitol Hill, Congress must impeach the President for his multitudinous crimes against our country. These offenses are far worse than lying under oath about philandering, worse even than breaking into political opponents' offices and political espionage. Congress must impeach this President and his Vice President so that it may exercise its supervisory authority over the Executive Branch under future administrations. The liberties taken by this administration for itself from the Congress and the People are far too great.

This impeachment is imperative, not only for the citizens of the United Sates and the continued democracy we enjoy, but also for the citizens of the world, as it is likely that without impeachment, this President will rush to war with Iran completely de-stabilizing the Middle East and advancing the cause of terror around the globe through the indiscriminate use of military force.

I do not make these statements lightly, and I consider myself a political centrist. I have taken the time to understand the issues and attempt to reconcile the situation with the possible courses of action, and, as I have explained in a previous letter, impeachment is the only reasonable course of action.

We cannot wait for the next election for a change in administration. Iraq will not wait. Iran will not wait. Our freedom will not wait. The Congress must not wait, or by inaction condone these unacceptable actions.

Dear reader, take action now.

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