Tuesday, February 6, 2007

NASA: Hotbed of Sin

Back in the Mercury/Gemini/Apollo days, NASA only had a few men to keep tabs on. They worked hard to put on the appropriate public image as family men (or the occasional bachelor enjoying his free time). NASA has carefully cultivated the image of the magical space traveler, and with so many applicants from which to choose, one would think they would get the best of the best. Now the astronaut corps includes 97 of both genders. Humans being humans, we get the occasional glimpse behind the veneer. It takes people who are driven to become astronauts, and when you're driven, sometimes you get driven the wrong direction - like for that hot co-worker.

Murder, she wrote, says the prosecutor. Why didn't she just push the other astronaut out the airlock?

The Smoking Gun, of course, has the actual charges.

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